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Img_1181Main Station Rig – TS990s

Gwyn Williams – G4FKH. E-Mail – g4fkh@sky.com

I’ve been interested in HF Propagation and Predictions since joining the RAF in 1965 and becoming a Telegraphist; today my Radio Station is exclusively dedicated to morse. My licence was first issued in 1975 and I joined the RSGB in the same year. As a consequence of being an RSGB’s PSC committee member for many years I have written many articles for RadCom, and other magazines, some of which you can find on the pages listed.

My station comprises a G5RV dipole, the largest aerial that I can fit into my garden space. My Txcvr’s are a Kenwood TS-990S and a little FT100. I use the TS-990S for day to day operation, it is such a fantastic rig and has excellent qualities. I also use it for contests and beacon monitoring, (the NCDXF beacon chain and the 5MHz beacons). The little FT100 is used for dx-peditions, usually to 3B8, it also serves very well as a backup rig.

Also to be found on this site are descriptions of some of the research/interest that I’m currently engaged upon. Assistance and comments are always welcome.


Any comments/suggestions e-mail g4fkh@sky.com